French Polynesia detects new Covid-19 variants

French Polynesia has recorded cases of the new Covid-19 variants BA 4 or 5 amongst non-residents.

The first case was discovered two weeks ago, and another two cases were discovered last week, however, the total number of cases over the territory is still unknown.

Local Covid-19 health expert Henri Pierre Mallet told La Premiere that this new variant might mean a return to a similar situation to previous outbreaks.

"It's more contagious, that's why we are having such an increase.

From what we know, it isn't as dangerous as previous variants, however, it can still kill the non-vaccinated population. We will therefore be in the same situation as last time," he said.

Just at the start of the month of June 132 new cases of Covid-19 variants BA 2 among 114 travellers and 18 locals were detected.

The French Polynesian government is urging residents to get their 4th anti-Covid-19 vaccine.

Pfiser is recommended for 12 and above and 18 and over are recommended Novavax.