Several key PNG hospitals full with COVID patients

Main hospitals in the two provinces at the border with Indonesia, Western and West Sepik, are reportedly full with COVID-19 patients including people confirmed to have the Delta variant.

Three medical staff from Western province's Daru Hospital died due to COVID in the past fortnight.

The deputy controller of the pandemic response, Dr Daoni Esorom, said these people were all still in their prime age, but that's what COVID-19 does.

He said the deaths are most likely due to the Delta variant because it spreads fast and is deadlier for those with co-morbidities and the elderly.

Dr Esorom reiterated calls for people throughout PNG to adhere to the "Niupela Pasin" or "New Normal" by following good hygiene and distancing measures.

Meanwhile, Daru hospital still open but has scaled down its operations to emergencies and dealing with covid case.

Chief executive, Dr Niko Wuatai, said they have requested that a clinical team from Port Moresby to be sent to Daru.

He said Daru is experiencing a third wave of the pandemic and as of Tuesday last week, the hospital had reported 89 positive cases over a period of two weeks.

Dr Wuatai said "we are monitoring the situation on the island very closely given the independence celebration and the large number of people currently on the island."

Port Moresby General Hospital's ICU Covid ward is full again and the hospital has reactivated an ancillary field hospital; to treat moderately ill COVID patients.



Photo RNZ Pacific