Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are everywhere

Could we please just get a Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Pratt reality show?

The movie stars are killing the game on their press tour for the film "Passengers."

Between Pratt cutting Lawrence out of photos and their joint interviews, it's literally been a laugh a minute with these two.

And now the co-stars are trying to out insult each other.

Pratt and Lawrence appeared on BBC 1 Radio where they indulged in a bit of "Playground Insults."

The goal was to offend the other person to the point of cracking them up.

"Why did they call it Joy?" Pratt said, getting off an early zinger.

‚ÄČ"'I really loved you in 'Everwood,' said no one ever," Lawrence said.

"How does it feel being in the stupidest Marvel movie?" Pratt asked.

"You are so bad at acting that the cast of 'Saved By the Bell' feel sorry for you," Lawrence retorted.

Lawrence scored big when she asked "Where do you keep your Oscar?" before Pratt went so dark that we can't even repeat his NSFW comment.

Later, the "Hunger Games" star got some revenge on Pratt during her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

After Kimmel showed her some of the photos where Pratt trolled Lawrence by cutting her out of frame, she "snapped."

"F*** it," Lawrence said. "I'm going to do something about it."

She then proceeded to deface a "Passengers" promo picture on the side of a sightseeing bus, giving Pratt's image "devil eyes" and a beard.

"Passengers" is in theaters December 21.