Katy Perry: I'm a victim of social media pressure

Katy Perry says she is a "victim" of social media because of society's pressure to share every move online.

The singer and American Idol judge says Instagram and Twitter are proof of the "decline of civilisation".

She also encouraged fans to not care about social media and to instead live their lives.

Perry has over 68 million Instagram followers and 108 million Twitter followers, but says she would rather not document her whole life online.

"It's hard because I'd rather not care about that and just live my life," she told Refinery29.

"We buy clothing and products or pose a certain way or go to an event to get a picture - it's not good for us as a society.

"I think it's actually the decline of civilisation if we're going extreme about it."

The 33-year-old says she is trying to find a balance in what she posts online, because she is as susceptible to the pressure as everyone else.

Perry is not the first star to talk about the pressure of having a social media account, especially ones with big followings.