Samoan Teacher’s Cultural Group celebrates culture

“Let us revisit once again the beauty that was born from Malifa,” says Loau Solamalemalo Keneti Sio, Minister of the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture.

The Samoa Teacher’s Cultural Group together with its’ initiators held an exhibition to commemorate the success of the group that put Samoa on global map in the past.

The group was formed to represent Samoa at the first South Pacific Festival of Arts held in Fiji in 1972.

Minister Loau said the group has been representing Samoa at the festival over a number of years since then.

Their goal was to implant the traditional knowledge in the hearts of the Samoans.

“We have seen changes that are affecting our own traditional dancing and it is only natural that these changes will continue to happen, but I thank you for your role for instilling traditional knowledge passing it onwards.”

“However, changes are a part of our lives and culture does need to change to attach.”

“For this reason, the ministry has decided to safeguard the traditional knowledge on our samoan siva and documented it for our people today and in the future.”

“With this kind I would like to acknowledge and say thank you to all the founding members, former members and the current members of the ausiva faiaoga for their role in this exhibition,” Loau said.

The MESC said it also welcomes the contribution of everyone and various development partners in this exhibition.


Talaia Mika