Teen Samoan-Australian actor stars in new Aussie TV show

The new Australian television show, Bump, tells the story of a high school couple trying to navigate teen pregnancy in Sydney's Western Suburbs.

The comedy is being praised for both its story line and the diverse cast.

Teenage Samoan-Australian actor Ioane Saula stars in the new series, which he filmed while trying to complete Year 12 in 2020.

He admits he had only taken up drama at school "to bludge" but soon discovered both interest and talent.

"I picked music and drama...and I picked those subjects just for a bludge. I was one of those kids who wanted to have fun, everyday," he told Pacific Beat.

"My drama teacher was new to school, I guess she saw more in me than I saw in myself and she encouraged me to do more performing," he said.

Injuries then forced Ioane Saula to give up his dream of a professional rugby career.

"For two years, I couldn't play, I thought that everything was over. I thought nothing was going to happen to myself," he said.

But now Ioane Saula is encouraging his Polynesian peers to get into acting.

"I feel it's a good path to follow, it's a tough path to follow but it's good."

"I don't want everyone to go to rugby and end up like me, heartbroken," he said.


Photo courtesy Radio Australia Caption: Samoan-Australian actor Ioane Saula