Tom Cruise is 'diabolical,' says Leah Remini

Actress and former Scientologist Leah Remini has launched another attack on the religion’s most famous member, Tom Cruise, declaring the movie star is “diabolical.”

Remini has been an outspoken critic of the church since leaving in 2013, receiving critical acclaim for her documentary series "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath."

In a Reddit AMA to promote the second season of the show, Remini was asked if she thought Tom Cruise, a Scientologist since 1990, was a “good person." Her response was blunt.

No! Just going to get straight to it, no! There is a public persona of the guy who looks at you directly in the eye and shakes your hand and hugs you and is an attentive person to you and there’s the person behind the mask who is a completely different person,” she wrote.

“Someone could say we all have that — what we are to the public and who we are behind the scenes, but the people who are around Tom and work for Tom, not even people who are Scientologists, they will say he is diabolical,” she continued.

“People who’ve worked with me will say I can be an a-----e — all actors can be. That is different. He’s very similar to David Miscavige, they could be twins.”

This isn’t the first time Remini’s spoken publicly about the most famous Scientologist in the world — in an interview with Larry King late last year, she said she suspected Cruise thought she was “the devil” for leaving the religion.

Asked by another Reddit user how she’s now treated by Scientologists in Hollywood, Remini responded:

“They ignore me and walk out of rooms.”

This comes just days after "Handmaid’s Tale" actress and lifelong Scientologist Elisabeth Moss reportedly left the room at the Television Critics Association Awards when Remini took to the stage to accept an award.

“Elisabeth Moss believes that she can’t talk to me,” told Remini in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published three days after the incident.

“There’s a thing in Scientology called ‘acceptable truth.’ It means you only say what’s acceptable to the public. But she believes that I’m an anti-social personality — because I’ve spoken out against Scientology. So she isn’t allowed to talk to me. And me knowing that, I wouldn’t put her in the awkward position.”

Moss does appear alongside Cruise’s ex-wife Nicole Kidman, who is believed to have left the church after their 2001 divorce, in the new season of drama "Top Of The Lake."The pair also appear together in an hour-long roundtable video interview with The Hollywood Reporter: