World reacts to UK DJ Dimension bringing New Zealand its first community Omicron case

International media is reporting on New Zealand's fury at our first community Omicron case - international electronica DJ Dimension.

UK-based Dimension, AKA Robert Etheridge, confirmed in an Instagram post he tested positive for Omicron, making him New Zealand's first community case of the fast-spreading COVID-19 variant.

The Ministry of Health said he arrived on a flight from the UK on December 16 and after three negative test results in managed isolation, was allowed to complete his final three days in self-isolation.

But the Ministry said he didn't wait for his negative day nine test result before leaving self-isolation, as required, and went on to visit multiple venues including a nightclub.

Much of the country was outraged, with a torrent of abuse hurled at the drum and bass star on his social media pages.

Etheridge said he deleted photos he posted of himself on a beach in Waiheke as a result of "hate and abuse".

One of the first international outlets to report on the story was the Daily Mail, which wrote that "furious New Zealanders have rounded on him" and included several screenshots of angry messages from Kiwis.

Mixmag, the world's biggest dance music and clubbing website, covered the story too in an article headlined: UK DJ at centre of New Zealand's first Omicron community exposure.

German state broadcaster DW wrote about how he was "under fire" and had sparked a backlash for not following the country's "strict COVID protocols".

Belgian Dutch-language weekly news magazine Knack wrote about Dimension's "regret" over breaking the rules and how he had disappointed New Zealand authorities.

The story also featured highly on the World News Subreddit, attracting more than 2000 upvotes and 400 comments.

Most comments on the post were of indignation, while others saw the opportunity to make jokes.

"Drum and Bass f**king the world 6 ways from Sunday," wrote one person.

"Alexa play Offender by Dimension," added another.