Academic encourages Fiji to look at climate change alternatives

A scholar on regional affairs says Fiji needs to focus on pursuing alternative paths forward with its efforts against climate change.

Terence Wesley Smith, from the University of Hawaii, says after the coup and sanctions, a lot of the driving force for Fiji has been dealing with the issue of climate change on an international level.

As part of this, Fiji will preside over the latest round of United Nations climate negotiations in November.

Mr Wesley Smith said the dynamic is changing, with China - with which Fiji has sought closer relations - taking a more active leadership role after the United States withdrew from the Paris climate accord.

"China has shown that its serious about doing something about that and the fact it committed to the Paris Accord I think is very significant," he said.

"The attitude from the Trump administration has allowed China to be seen as a leader of the global movement in a way that it wouldn't have perhaps been the case if the US stayed with Paris."


Photo: University of Hawaii Associate Professor, Terence Wesley-Smith