Anti-immigrant protests erupt in South Africa's capital

On a street corner in Pretoria, South Africans gather just meters from the immigrants they're marching against.

The Somali traders form a protective line, some armed with sticks and rocks.

Riot police wedge themselves and their armored carriers between the two sides. A police helicopter hovers directly above, scattering dust and trash.

"Get out of our country," a woman cries pointing at the immigrants and taking a few steps forward. A trader yells back an insult.

A police flash bang goes off, then another. And the police charge down the road shooting rubber bullets. Not at the protesters, but at the Somalis, who scatter through their neighborhood, ducking into houses and behind walls.

We got looted today already. But now the police are after us," says Hussein, from Kismayo, Somalia, "I fled civil war. I thought this was a place to get peace."

"It's inhumane and unfair," another man shouts through the fence. Like most of the Somalis here, too afraid to give his name.