Fiji reports shortage of Covid-19 booster doses

There is a shortage of booster dose supplies in Fiji for people eligible to receive their jabs this month.

The Ministry of Health’s Permanent Secretary, Doctor James Fong said 142, 240 people are due to receive the booster dose this month, but the current stocks of the Moderna vaccine, which is being used as the booster dose, are in excess of 100,000 doses.

Dr Fong reassured that they are expecting more of the Pfizer vaccine by the middle of this month.

Since administering the booster jab, 39,179 people in Fiji have so far received their dose.

Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign also continues around the country.

605, 032 people or 97.9 percent of adults have received one dose and 570, 990 people or 92.4% of the target population are now fully vaccinated.