Marshalls on holistic national approach to ocean management

The Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority is bringing together people from around the country in April to develop a sustainable oceans policy.

It has called a three-day National Oceans Summit which aims to involve everyone from leaders to students in talks, exhibitions and activities related to the development of a sustainable oceans policy for the nation.

The Authority director Glen Joseph said the Marshalls had bits and pieces of a policy, but it needed a holistic national approach.

Correspondent Giff Johnson said the Authority had made previous attempts to develop sustainable fisheries management plans with the outer islands but the summit was an attempt at greater buy-in.

They have got them in place, I don't know, maybe in three or four communities and they are working on a couple more, but this is trying to get the outer island communities really invested in it, taking responsibility for their marine resources and particularly understanding why they need to be conserved for the long term.


Photo: Hilary Hosia Marshall Islands harvesting of moi or threatfin