Tahiti tourists to self-test for Covid-19

Tourists arriving in French Polynesia will be given a kit to test themselves for Covid-19 as the territory becomes the first South Pacific destination open for travel.

To boost tourism, quarantine obligations will be lifted in the middle of next week.

Flights between Tahiti and Paris restarted a week ago, and from 15 July Air Tahiti Nui will also resume its return flighs to Los Angeles

However, anyone bound for Tahiti has to undergo a Covid-19 test 72 hours before departure, register with the authorities and self-test four days after arrival.

The authorities said the self-test kit was widely used in the US and in German schools.

It is not immediately clear what happens for those disregarding the rules.

Should anyone test positive for Covid-19, they would be taken to Tahiti's main hospital.

French Polynesia recorded 90 cases, including 29 crew of an Ecuadorian ship which it classified as transit cases.

New Caledonia loosens access in Covid-19 response:

New Caledonia will allow the temporary entry of essential professionals while the border continues to be closed to non-residents.

The government and the French High Commission said applications could now be made by businesses to bring in specialists for up to 30 days if they are considered absolutely necessary.

Such individuals would be subject to a two-week quarantine on arrival, however some of the medical reporting requirements would be eased.

A negative Covid-19 test three days before departure will still be needed.

In May, New Caledonia extended its suspension of most scheduled international air traffic until the end of July but its carrier has maintained flights to Tokyo which connect travellers to France.

New Caledonia has also allowed air travel to resume to Wallis and Futuna, which is the only French territory without any Covid-19 case.