Two new typhoid cases in Fiji

Two typhoid cases have been identified in Fiji.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that the cases were detected at Natua village in Cakaudrove on the second largest island of Vanua Levu.

The MOH said this morning that the early identification and referral of typhoid cases at Waivunia Village ensured the containment of typhoid cases.

Earlier this month, an outbreak of typhoid forced the ministry to impose movement restrictions at Waivunia Village in Nasavusavu and Natua Village.

Villagers of Waivunia have completed their 14-day isolation period and they have also been allowed to attend church meetings.

However, feasting and gathering for kava drinking is still banned.

Following the recent typhoid cases identified last week, movement is still restricted in Natua Village.

A team from Red Cross has also been assisting the villagers for the past two weeks by conducting a village clean-up campaign.

Typhoid fever is a common disease in Fiji due to poor sanitation in some areas, people not washing their hands properly, and especially during and after the wet season when flooding can spread the contaminated water to food crops and water sources.

Signs and symptoms of typhoid are high temperature, headache, general aches and pains, and constipation.

The ministry is advising members of the public to report to their nearest health centre or medical facility if they are feeling unwell.