University lobby group fears for its future

A group calling itself Concerned Alumni of the University of the South Pacific has told Fijian voters the future of the institution depends on them.

The Government has failed to pay its obligatory grant to the university for the past three years, and now owes the USP more than $60 million Fijian dollars.

The group says Fiji benefits hugely from the USP.

They say for every dollar invested by the Government the return to the Fiji economy is eight dollars from taxes, rents, medical spending, utilities, food and other good, and transport.

The government also tried to get rid of the Vice Chancellor and now the group says the five Fiji government members of the university council appear to be boycotting council meetings.

It said that under these circumstances the future of the regional university, from which more than 50,000 people have graduated in its 52 years, is at stake.

It said all parties, except the ruling Fiji First, have promised to pay the government grant if elected.


Photo file University of the South Pacific campus in Suva, Fiji