Woman buried by landslide after quake in PNG's Sohe district

At least one person was killed by a landslide as a result of Friday's big earthquake in Papua New Guinea.

The magnitude seven quake struck at a depth of 85 kilometres near the border of Morobe and Oro provinces, off the north coast of New Guinea.

Nohoro Akai from the Oro disaster office said a full assessment of damage to buildings and infrastructure was still pending.

But an initial assessment showed that a number of landslides occurred.

"Actually we had a few landslides that covered much of the river systems, not all of them.

"From that we had one casualty, a female, who was gardening in a local village up at Kendata in Sohe district, right at the foot of Mt Lamington."

Mr Akai said the disaster assessment team is still out checking the roads around the province.