World can 'learn ocean management from Pacific'

There is a call for the world to listen to how Pacific coastal communities have managed their areas sustainably.

Next week, the United Nations Oceans' Conference is being held in New York, co-hosted by Fiji and Sweden, with a specific focus on Sustainable Development Goal 14 - namely to conserve and sustainably manage the use of the oceans, seas and marine resources.

Hugh Govan is an advisor with the Locally Managed Marine Area network and had worked with Pacific coastal communities for many years.

He said these communities had lived in harmony with the ocean for thousands of years and they need to be listened to.

"There is much that the Pacific coastal communities in particular have to offer the world in terms of ways forward where people can be part of actively managing the coastal and, indeed, oceanic resources."

"I think this is something that the world should be pricking its ears up to," Mr Govan said.


Photo: Copyright: lisastrachan / 123RF Stock Photo (Looking out to the South Pacific Ocean from Noumea, New Caledonia).