Healthy diets this Easter

Because it’s Easter, it doesn’t mean that it’s totally ok for you to spoil yourself with sugar over the three-day period.

Dr Suresh Venkita from the Pacific International Hospital reminds you that “a high intake of sugar any time is unwise”.

In an apparently healthy person, he says, sugar is a fuel which has to be burned efficiently and quickly before it is turned into fat (like surplus money which is parked in a fixed deposit!).

There’s also the risk of accidents due to high sugar intake in one time.


A high intake of sugar provokes a surge in Insulin release from Pancreas and often the blood sugar levels which rise immediately after a high sugar meal will fall steeply in response to Insulin surge, causing tiredness and drowsiness, which can cause accidents if you are driving

Do you know if you’re diabetic or not?

In diagnosed or undiagnosed Diabetics, it can be dangerous as sugar levels will climb and stay high

You may have something planned this Easter period. If so, remember:

Easter related foods are quite safe if taken in sensible quantities in an apparently healthy person, but high quantities will strain people who have diseases like Heart Disease, Diabetes, High BP and intestinal and liver diseases.

So at any festival time, it would be wise to remember’ Enjoy quality and variety, not quantity’!

Cheers, bon appetit, bonne fet, as the French would say!

Gloria Bauai