Team Fiji win Pacific Island Food Revolution 2020

Team Fiji members Krystelle Lavaki and Sikipio Fihaki have been crowned the Pacific Island Food Revolution 2020 champions.

The winners received FJD $5000 in Suva last night.

Team Tonga’s Mia and Mafi are the runners up in the competition, which saw cooks from four countries pit their skills in the kitchen.

Samoa and Vanuatu also competed in the competition.

The programme was televised in 14 Pacific countries.

The team Fiji members operate the Niu Grillz restaurant and catering business, located at the Fiji Club.

In an Islands Business report, the founder of the Pacific Island Food Revolution, Robert Oliver said the campaign’s work on changing food choices in the Pacific region is “super relevant” in the current global coronavirus pandemic.

“Our project is about nutritional resilience and building your immunity, which if you look at all the COVID concerns and the red flags raised by health experts, it’s around those who are vulnerable to underlying conditions. And we go right to the underlying conditions,” he said.

“The whole end game for us is about creating resilient and robust local food systems.”


Photo source Pacific Island Food Revolution Caption: Team Tonga and Team Fiji members