O’Neill boasts about building many roads

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill boasted that his government had fixed more roads compared to any government in the history of the country.

“In 2012, when we took office only 23 per cent of all our roads (national highways) in the country were said to be in a good condition; today, I can tell you that over 50 per cent of roads in the country are classified as in good condition,” O’Neill said during the launching of PNC campaign for the election today in Port Moresby.   

“We (PNC led government) have rebuilt over 3,000km of roads throughout the country, but we have further 10, 000km we have to attend to, these are key major roads linking all our towns, cities and districts.”

The People’s National Congress parliamentary leader says forming the government in July is important to continue the improvement of roads, bridges, wharfs and airports in the country.  

“Our negotiation team is heading to Manilla (Philippines) today to finalise the arrangement with the Asian Development Bank for the funding of the national highway program of K3 billion to focus on the Highlands Highway and other major highways in the country.

“It is important we build these infrastructures to international standard to save money in the years to come,” O’Neill said.   

He said the government ‘zero potholes’ policy have taken off with an agreement signing with Dekenai Construction for the  five years maintenance program for the Hiritano Highway, from Laloki to Kerema.

The prime minster admitted that cash flow did affect the roll out of the national highway maintenance program.   

“Only because of limited funding we were not able to expand the program in a timely manner, but we have been able to prioritise important infrastructure that had been able to support good majority of our people,” O’Neill said.


(File picture of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill)  

Charles Yapumi