NRL stars warned for flashing gang signs during games and post-match interviews

The NRL will speak to players and clubs about their links to gang culture after it was revealed rap gangs may be using unauthorised footage of footballers making symbols or gestures after scoring tries or during post-match interviews.

A number of high-profile stars including Josh Addo-Carr, Jack Wighton and Brian To'o have made public gestures or have been photographed with rap groups with the images then often posted on social media without their knowledge.

When Addo-Carr made a symbol during a post-match interview last year, a social media account for "drill" rapper Hooligan Hefs re-posted it with the caption "LETS FKN TROT !! congrats brother".

Addo-Carr denied he was making gang signs, saying it held a deeper meaning to him.

"I was born in Doonside and that is just to remind myself where I came from and has nothing to do with being gangs,'' Addo-Carr said.

"I'm proud of where I come from but want to make it clear that no one should get involved in gangs."

Over the past two seasons police have noticed high-profile players have seemingly innocently been making hand symbols used by Sydney's feuding street gangs.

"The players have no idea that they are used by these [gang] members on their social media accounts,'' a NSW police officer said.

Social media accounts of players and rap music gangs, which may be using unauthorised footage of footballers, will also be monitored.

"A string of players were spoken to last season and ­another round of discussions is expected before the 2021 season starts.

“The Integrity Unit has been monitoring player social media accounts and liaised with NSW Police over the issue,'' the NRL said on Tuesday.