Samoa 7s player Gordon Langkilde pleads not guilty

Samoa sevens player Gordon Langkilde has pleaded not guilty to criminal charges following an altercation with Welsh team members at the World Cup in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Examiner reports Langkilde must remain in the United States while awaiting trial on two counts of battery, one count of assault and one count of misdemeanour.

The charges relate to allegations that the 22 year old Langkilde attacked several Welsh players in the tunnel leading to the changing rooms after Samoa's 24-19 loss to Wales on Sunday in the Challenge quarter finals.

Police later arrested Langkilde at his hotel.

Langkilde pleaded not guilty to the charges through his attorney, Joshua Bentley, and will appear in court again on Tuesday for a pre-hearing conference.

"My client will not leave the country if released," Bentley told San Francisco Superior Court Judge Stephen Murphy before the judge decided to release Langkilde.

"His passport is with the sheriff's."

Bentley also told the judge that Poulos would remain with Langkilde "all the time" once released.

Murphy ordered the Sheriff's Department to hold onto Langkilde's passport and to stay at least 150 yards away from Wales players Tom Williams, Ben Roach and Luke Morgan, who were allegedly assaulted.

Langkilde must also check in with the Pretrial Diversion Project twice a week as a condition of his release.