21 new Covid cases in Samoa

Samoa's Ministry of Health in its latest Covid-19 situational report confirmed 21 positive cases within the period commencing from 11th of July to 13th of July 2022.

The cases include 20 new community cases and 1 new imported case, taking the total number of cases (community and border) to 15,155.

There are three patients currently isolated at the Moto’otua National Hospital.

To help contain the spread of the virus and prevent new infections, the public is kindly urged to please continue to take heed of public health advice to continue to wear masks and maintain good personal hygiene.

The safety of our families and loved ones is everyone’s responsibility.

Strengthening our defense against the virus, all eligible members of the public are reminded to visit their nearest hospital for their first or second dose of the vaccine, as well as a booster shot. Vaccination remains our best line of defense against the virus's lethal effects.