56 illegal firearms recovered so far in Samoa’s gun amnesty appeal

A gun amnesty appeal by Samoa’s Ministry of Police and Prisons has so far yielded 56 illegal firearms and unregistered weapons not including ammunition.

Six of the firearms were turned in from Savaii.

The 3rd Gun Amnesty Appeal was launched this month and will continue until December.

Savali Newspaper reports that at a press conference, Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil acknowledged the public response and noted that although the illegal weapons appears old and rusty, they can still kill.

As an encouragement, law authorities are also paying a $100 tala food voucher for any person who voluntarily surrenders any illegal firearm or unregistered weapon.

The voucher is for groceries and not for alcohol or other necessities.

Commissioner Fuiavailili said while he is alarmed with the number of illegal weapons surrendered at this stage, Police are far from being discouraged to continue with their campaign for a “Safe Samoa” via the Gun Amnesty appeal.

“We are appealing to our people who have dangerous illegal firearms and ammunitions in their possession to hand them over and no questions asked or charges file but instead you will receive a $100 tala food voucher for your honesty,” he said.

He added that if transport is needed, police will facilitate by uplifting the illegal firearms, weapons and ammunition, again without any repercussion.

“The illegal firearms will be destroyed eliminating any future danger to our people,” he reassured.

The Gun Amnesty ends on New Year’s Eve.


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