7 arrested in major drug bust in Samoa

Samoa Police have arrested seven people in connection with a raid this morning in Fasitoo uta and Faleatiu in which drugs, weapons, cash, laptops and mobile phones were found.

The role of the Ministry of Police and Prisons in ensuring that Samoa is protected from criminal offenses in the possession of marijuana and drugs as well as the illegal possession of firearms cannot end. , as the Commissioner of Police, Fuiavailili Egon Keil.

"This morning, police raided several families in Faleatiu and Fasito'o-uta and seized large quantities of marijuana, pipes used for smoking drugs, money and more than $ 1000, laptops, mobile phones, firearms, ammunition, handcuffs and agaes, ”said Fuiavailili according to a report in the Savali newspaper.

Fuiavailili said many of the country's complaints have reached the Ministry, from those parts of the country about the explosion of firearms or guns by some four. including the sale of marijuana and drugs.

"We can't sit still, we have to do our job," Fuiavailiili said.

 "About $ 160,000 Samoan tala worth of marijuana was seized from the raid.

"Three barrels full of dried marijuana plants."

All the groups found in the attack, according to the Police Commissioner, came from different families, the families that were attacked in both villages.

A family in Fasito'o-uta had children try to smash marijuana when police arrived, Fuiavailili said.

The commissioner said the family appeared to be aware of the police's approach and tried to destroy the marijuana.

The Commissioner of Police congratulated the men and women, and all those who took part in the attack.

In addition, the support of the public is to continue to provide information to the Office in cases where it is considered inappropriate to violate the law. .

The aim is to keep the people of Samoa safe, as well as visitors to Samoa, to keep them safe.


Photo source Savali newspaper