Australian Defence secures Samoa’s maritime area ahead of delivery of new Patrol Boat

The Australian Defence Vessel Reliant is securing the maritime area in Samoa ahead of the delivery of the Guardian-class Patrol Boat next year.

The Australian High Commission confirmed that a defence vessel is in Samoan waters this week.

“ADV Reliant is transiting via Samoa to Australia to prepare for her role as the Pacific Support Vessel.”

The vessel is on track for the 2022 High Risk Weather Season and will be a vital part of our commitment to support Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief missions in the Pacific Ocean.

Earlier this month Foreign Minister, Penny Wong announced that Australia would provide Samoa with a guardian class patrol boat to replace the Nafanua II.

The Nafanua II was written off after it suffered extensive damage when it hit a reef near Salelologa Wharf in Savai last year.