Covid-19 booster shots for children now available in Samoa

The Covid-19 booster vaccination for children ages 12 to 17 has been made available in Samoa.

The Ministry of Health is advising members of the public of the availability of the booster shot at different sites including district hospitals as well as the E.P.I. Building at Moto'otua and the MOH Health Center at Matagialalua. 

This service is available from 9am to 4pm. 

The ministry said, "Please be advised that children ages 12-17 years can only get their booster vaccination if there has been any six months interval since their second primary series vaccination.”

"If one has become infected with Covid-19, they must wait three months since testing negative before they may have their Booster Vaccination."

“This is the same for those aged 18 years and above who are able to get their booster shot which is also now available at the same sites.”

Samoa’s latest Covid-19 update recorded 75 cases from Saturday 11 June to Monday 13 June.