Covid-19 tests return negative for Samoa repatriates

Repatriates who arrived in Samoa on flights last month have all returned negative tests results for Covid-19.

The first flight on 5 February had five deportees from the United States.

At a press conference this week, Director General of Health, Leausa Dr. Take Naseri said the deportees completed their 21 days mandatory quarantine period on 26 February.

Savali Newspaper reports they had their Covid-19 tests on the day of their arrival and on their last day of quarantine period.

Most of the deportees received their Covid-19 vaccinations in the United States prior to travelling to Samoa.

Another flight on 13 February brought 60 people from Fiji.

They were all tested negative for Covid-19 and allowed to go home on 26 February.

The repatriates have been adviced to stay home and avoid getting in contact with people or engaging in crowded areas.

There was one Covid-19 positive case reported at the border in February involving a 16-year-old who arrived in the country on a repatriation flight from the US. 

The first flight on 2 March was a special chartered plane that brought home 50 Samoans from America.

Among the travelers were patients who underwent treatment at Shriners Hospital in Hawaii and their chaperons.

They were released after completing their 21 days mandatory quarantine period.

Leausa said they all tested negative.

Another flight on 5 March had 261 passengers.

They were all tested upon arrival and the results were negative.

They are now being isolated in different quarantine sites and will be tested twice before they are cleared to go home at the completion of their quarantine period.

Leausa said there were 21 people who needed wheelchair assistance on the flight.


Photo Savali Newspaper Caption: Director General of Health, Leausa Dr. Take Naseri