Digicel presents WST $1million dividend to Samoan shareholders

Digicel Samoa Ltd has today paid out a dividend of WST$1 million to local shareholders.

Samoa National Provident Fund Chief Executive Officer, Faumuina Esther Lameko Poutoa received the payment on behalf of SNPF contributing members, who are shareholders.

“Our partnership over the last ten years has been a great success and things like these benefit our members greatly and it’s a partnership we hope would continue to thrive,”Faumuina said.

Digicel CEO Milos Surla, who presented the cheque, reaffirmed Digicel’s commitment to Samoa.

“We will continue to lead with world-class communications, through multi-million Tala investment programmes in cutting-edge technologies” he said.

“Our success is Samoa’s success, and as locals continue to invest with us, they are further investing in the future of Samoa. I would like to thank the people of Samoa for their continued support.”

Digicel Samoa Chairman, Fiaailetoa Pepe Christian Fruen said they are delighted to give back this amount this early in the year.

“It serves the exact purpose of what we do at Digicel to support our communities and this is another great way to reward those who work in Samoa by handing over this dividend from the profits of Digicel to SNPF, which will go into the accounts of those who hold an NPF account, “Pepe said.

Since its launch in 2006, Digicel has invested over WST$210 million and continues to provide Samoa with the most modern communications infrastructure. From 2012, Digicel has returned a total of WST$8.6 million to CSL Mobile (SNPF) in the form of Dividends and a one-off payment.

Pepe said this is a mark of the success Digicel has had and it owes this to the people of Samoa, especially the loyal customers.



Joshua Lafoai