Digicel Samoa honours the Late La’eimanu Oketevi

Digicel Samoa Ltd today broke ground to establish a new building, which will turn into a computer lab, and learning center at Samoa Primary School, Vailele.

The project is to honour the Late La’eimau Oketevi Tanuvasa- Savea, who passed away in December 2018, the former Chief Executive Officer of Computer Services Limited and Board Director of Digicel Samoa Ltd, who played a significant role and was instrumental in advocating and lobbying for the establishment of Digicel in Samoa as well as developing Samoa’s ICT Sector.

“We enable this opportunity to honor the Late La’eimau and pay homage to her vision of seeing Information Technology as a gateway to Samoa’s prosperity”, says Digicel CEO, Mark Witthuhn.

Mr Witthuhn continues, “The development of a computer lab and a learning center at Samoa Primary School, gives our students an open forum to learn and use technology as a helpful tool, access the internet which opens doors to information and gives every student an invaluable advantage to better education”.

The Late La’eimau and her husband, Samuel Savea’s only daughter Luisa is a former student of Samoa Primary School and the project is a gift from her mother and their family for the school.

Mr Witthuhn concludes, “The key purpose of this project is to continue La’eimau’s legacy and passion for ICT. Furthermore, for young people to develop an interest in ICT as a field of study or career path. Like, the Late La’eimau, an innovative and forward thinking individual, this project is attributed to her.”

Work on the new building kicks off next week with an expected completion time of six weeks.


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