Frequent disruptions to Samoa RSE scheme impacts business plans

A group of Australian seasonal worker employers say the continued disruption to Samoa's seasonal work programme is impacting their business plans.

They have warned they may have to look elsewhere for seasonal workers if Samoa continues to put 'disruptions' in their seasonal work policy.

The Chief Executive Officer of Approved Employers Australia, Steve Burdette told Radio Australia is it worth the risk or do we go elsewhere, and that's what we are concerned about.

Samoa's Cabinet last year suspended the deployment of seasonal workers for the rest of January pending a Cabinet review.

An investigation is also underway by the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour into concerns and issues raised about the scheme's selection process.

Late last month Deputy Prime Minister, Tuala Iosefo Ponifasio, announced the resumption of the scheme using the Ministry's current policies for the rest of February, while new policies will go into effect next month.