Future of Samoa Airways Boeing 737-800 up in the air

The future of a Samoa Airways leased Boeing 737-800, which is yet to touch down in Samoa, is being considered by the new government.

The Prime Minister, Fiame Naomi Mataafa, said the previous government did not take the advice from key government stakeholders not to bring in the aircraft because it's the wrong time.

The decision to continue with the move was made after the then caretaker government of the HRPP party had finalised the lease arrangements.

The aircraft is in Brisbane for technical checks and final safety approval before it's flown to Samoa for international service.

But Fiame said the national airline has large debts that need to be paid for the lease of its last aircraft the Malindo Air Boeing 737-800 which has been returned.

She said it's also difficult at this time to operate the national airline for income and profit with international borders closed.


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