Israel ambassador presents credentials to Samoa

Israel’s Ambassador Ran Yaakoby has presented his Letter of Credence to the Member of Samoa’s Council of Deputies, Afioga Le Mamea Ropati Mualia.

Ambassador Yaakoby is based at the embassy in Wellington, New Zealand.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Samoa and Israel in 1977, both countries have continued to maintain cordial relations.

As highlighted in the remarks delivered by the Member of the Council of Deputies and the Ambassador of Israel during the Credential ceremony, Samoa continues to benefit from the MASHAV development cooperation program of Israel through capacity building and training opportunities in the fields of health, agriculture and education.

They both highlighted the milestone in our bilateral relations with the signing of a Visa Waiver Arrangement between our two countries in March 2019. This arrangement allows all Samoan passport holders to travel to Israel without a visa and stay for up to 90 days with reciprocal arrangements and conditions for nationals of Israel when entering Samoa.

The visa waiver agreement comes into effect on 6 July 2023. At the multilateral level, Samoa and Israel through our shared membership at the United Nations have worked collaboratively to promote issues of mutual interest for global peace and security and development for the prosperity of our peoples and countries.


Photo Samoa Govt