"Mamas" offer free donuts for orders made in Samoan

Māori-owned business Mamas Donuts is teaming up with renowned social influencer "Palagi Boi" in an effort to promote unity between Māori and Pasifika businesses.

Three new Samoan style doughnuts are being released by "Mamas" in celebration of Samoan Language Week this week, but that's not the only surprise they offering for their customers.

“We have a new promotion that if they manage at least part of their order in Samoan, they will get a free glazed doughnut,” says franchise owner Raella Kahuroa (Ngāti Kahungunu).

Being a relatively new branch, Kahuroa says they are always thinking of different ways to help establish themselves in the community and work with other Pasifika groups, especially after lockdown. 

“We are very keen to make connections with other businesses, with Pasifika businesses so we can all support each other,” she says.

Jeremy Hawkins, more widely known as “Palagi Boi” is a social influencer and advocate for the Samoan language and culture. He has been recruited to help Mamas release these new flavours.

“So if you want to gladden your soul and consume something sweet, come down to Mama's Donuts and get some doughnuts,” he says.

Apart from the new flavours and free doughnuts, Palagi Boi stresses the importance of Māori and Pasifika businesses working together.

“I know that if Māori and Samoans work together, as one, then they'll enjoy as blessed future together.”

The new three flavours will be released this Thursday.