Mission Pacific Programme to encourage Samoa’s recycling efforts

A Mission Pacific Programme has been launched to promote and boost recycling in Samoa.

The programme was launched by Samoa Breweries on Tuesday.

It aims to encourage the public to recycle plastic bottles.

The Mission Pacific Programme will be offering recycling customers $1.00 per kilo for brands sold by Samoa Breweries such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, FruBu, Keri, Schweppes and Powerade.

However, public will need to ensure the bottles are clean with plastic lids and the surrounds removed before the bottles are weighed.

Early this year Samoa Breweries decided to stop producing Coca-Cola products on island which followed the closure of its sugary drink operations late last year, partly in response to impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement Samoa Breweries General Manager Brent Adams said they had a social responsibility to the local environment.

“As a leading beverage distributor in Samoa, it is our social responsibility to have a long term commitment to the sustainability of our packaging, as well as the protection of our local environment through this recycling programme," he said. 

The initiative comes months after a petition was launched by environmentalist and Samoa Conservation Society President James Atherton for Coca-Cola to rethink their plastic bottle switch.

The petition has so far attracted over 700 signatures since it was launched in April this year.