No measles cases left in Samoa hospitals

The Samoa Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed that there are no measles cases left in any of the hospitals around Samoa.

Since the outbreak began late last year, a cumulative total of 5,707 measles cases have been reported to the Disease Surveillance Team.

Currently the outbreak is declining with 2 new cases reported between 13 January and 20 January, 2020.

“There are currently no measles cases in all hospitals or admitted in any hospital nationally,” a statement said.

To date, the total number of measles cases admitted to all hospitals to date is 1,868 since the outbreak was declared and 83 measles-related deaths have been recorded.

Ninety-five per cent of the above measles cases admitted have recovered and been discharged and sent home.

There were no deaths between 13 January and 20 January, 2020 (marking the 18th consecutive day with no deaths reported due to measles).

There are currently no travel restrictions or vaccination requirement for those travelling to Samoa.

Additionally, proof of MMR vaccination is not currently required for Samoans travelling to Australia, New Zealand, or the United States.

Only travellers to American Samoa are required to provide proof of vaccination for MMR.

Preparations have started for school vaccinations as required by the new legislation are ongoing by Ministry of Health.



Talaia Mika