Opeloge wins silver medal for Samoa

Don Opeloge has secured a Silver Medal for Samoa at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in the 85kg Mens Division.

The 18 year-old lifted a personal best 151kg in the snatch but missed his final two attempts at 188kg and 191kg in the clean and jerk.

He finished with a total of 331kg at the Carrara Sports Arena, seven kilograms behind Venkat Rahul Ragala from India, who also beat him to gold at last year's Commonwealth Championships.

Opeloge said he wanted to win the gold medal but made a mistake at a key moment.

"I'm happy but I didn't beat (the gold medallist)...I missed my gold," he said.

"I think we had it (in the clean and jerk) but my arms press - that's why there's no chance for gold but it's ok."

"In my last lift just (a) mistake to think about for the future to come to the next competition."

Opeloge's coach, Jerry Wallwork, thought the teenager had done enough with his penultimate lift, which would have been a new personal best in the clean and jerk, but two of the three judges ruled his arm was bent too far.

As for the man himself: he's already looking ahead to the next Commonwealth Games in four years time.

"I'm focused to my future plus I'm still young, to the future I want more training, training hard and be a good lifter in the future."