Over 8000 register for pre-polling in Samoa election

8567 voters have registered for pre-polling in the Samoa General Election.

Pre-polling started yesterday (Monday) and over 700 people cast their votes.

Today is the second day of pre-polling.

Savali Newspaper reports 4,320 voters registered for pre-polling are aged 65-years and over.

549 voters are persons with disabilities, 919 are special and vital service providers and 2,682 are caregivers to the elderly and those with disabilities.

104 are those, who needed to vote before leaving Samoa between 5-9 April 2021.

There are 432 ballot stations/locations, which includes 328 normal voting booths and 96 pre-polling booths.

The total number of Samoan Citizens who have successfully registered to vote this year is 128,822.


Photo Savali Newspaper  Caption: Ballot boxes ready for the General Election