PM Fiame disappointed privately-owned boat entered Samoa without approval

A privately-owned boat with a load of goods from American Samoa entered Samoa’s ports without proper documentation.

Tala Fou reports Prime Minister Fiamē Naomi Mataʻafa has admitted to a security lapse on the part of government Ministries.

Fiame has expressed disappointment with how certain government bodies allowed a boat that sailed from American to enter and return without approval.

At her press conference last week Fiame stressed that it should never have happened.

She added that the boat should have been seized upon entry and the crew should have been locked immediately if they didn’t have the right documentation, however local officials failed to do so.

She revealed that the information given to her was that officials were running around trying to get the paper works required when the boat arrived.

Something owners of the boat should have done beforehand.

PM Fiame has instructed the Ministry of Police to provide a full report as she claims that the issue involves several government ministries.

The kite runner boat was delivering food supplies for a family in Savaii.

Fiamē said she has been advised by the Attorney General that it might be too late to press charges as the boat has already returned to American Samoa.