Project to improve water quality in Upolu and Savai’I villages

A project has been launched to improve water quality in identified villages from Upolu and Savai’i.

The Japan International Corporation Agency in Samoa and Samoa Water Authority signed an agreement this week that will see villages access clean drinking water.

The project is titled “Capacity Enhancement Project for Samoa Water Authority in Cooperation with Okinawa” to phase 2.”

JICA Samoa said the CEPSO phase 2 of the project will specifically contribute to the improvement of water quality in identified villages from both Upolu and Savaii.

“The project aims at improving the two Water Supply Schemes (W.S.S.), namely Fuluasou EU, Upolu and Palauli, Savaii.”

“The outputs of this phase envision that people living closer and served by the Schemes will enjoy safer and a more stable water supply.”

“The implementation of the first phase of the CEPSO project began in August 2014 for the purpose of capacity development of SWA through the activity of Non-Revenue Water Reduction and Water Quality Improvement in town area,” read the statement.

The first phase of was a five-year project funded under J.I.C.A. Technical Cooperation Scheme, targeting Alaoa Water Supply Scheme. 

The project saw great improvement in achieving ratio of water quality standards for treated water produced at Alaoa Water Treatment Plant exceeding 95 per cent.