Public to refrain from blocking the road during arrival of Toa Samoa players

The people of Samoa have been warned to refrain from blocking the road ahead of the arrival of the Toa Samoa players tonight.

The Ministry of Police, Prisons and Corrections Services has issued a notice warning the public, “No ikavales and no fiapokos”

The national police force is advising the public who intend to be at the Faleolo International Airport to witness their arrival; “Please do not block the roads and do not do anything you would regret later”.

“We will be on the block to monitor the premises; therefore we ask for your cooperation.”

“Stay safe and always remember your safety is our priority!”

The Toa Samoa team will be arriving in two groups with the first at 11pm Tuesday night 27th December and the second group arriving 3pm Wednesday 28th December.