Samoa Cabinet approves charter flights for seasonal workers

Eight flights are scheduled to transport Samoa’s seasonal workers to Australia and New Zealand next month.

Cabinet approved the charter flights at its latest meeting.

There will be four flights to Australia and another four to New Zealand.

The flights to Australia are scheduled to depart Samoa on 1,7,23 and 25 March.

The dates for flights to New Zealand are 8, 15, 27 and 29 March.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labor, (MCIL) will continue to manage and monitor the areas of training for all RSE and Seasonal workers who will be traveling for part-time work to gain knowledge for the prevention from the pandemic Covid-19 disease and for better understanding of employment contract terms.

The National Emergency Operation Centre (N.E.O.C.) has been tasked to coordinate and monitor these flights, while the Ministry of Health continues to lead the Covid-19 border protection, through enforcement of compliance with Samoa’s travel advisory.


Photo file Samoa Airport Authority/Facebook