Samoa Cabinet to reconsider resident forensic pathologist

A submission to have a resident forensic pathologist will be reconsidered by the Samoa Cabinet.

The Government Savali newspaper reports the initial Cabinet submission was tabled early this year.

However, it was referred back for a thorough review to include inputs from the Office of the Attorney General, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Public Service Commission with Police and Prisons taking the lead.

The submission is scheduled to be tabled before Cabinet soon.

“We hope that the submission will be endorsed by Cabinet soon and Ministry to commence with advertising externally given that Samoa does not have any such specialist (forensic pathologist),” said Deputy Police Chief Papalii Monalisa Tiai-Keti.

Samoa does not have a forensic pathologist in country.

In the past pathologists have come in from overseas including Fiji to conduct post mortem examinations.

The Deputy Commissioner acknowledged that the cost is a stumbling factor coupled with scheduling depending on the availability of the Fijian forensic pathologist.

And at the time, local authorities are confronted by families demanding for the loved ones to be released for burial which is unlawful, according to local laws.

However, she praised the Fiji Police for their support in rendering assistance.


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