Samoa First Union condemns arrest of Fiji trades union leaders

The Samoa First Union has joined other international unions in condemning the arrest of leaders of Fiji’s trade union movement.

A statement from Samoa First Union said it supports the Fiji Trades Union Congress, its affiliated unions and Fiji workers 100%.

“We understand that Fiji workers, like us in Samoa, are also pushing for an increase in their minimum wage.”

“We understand that Felix Anthony, General Secretary of the Fiji Trade Union Congress along with leaders from the Fiji Teachers Association, the Fiji Nurses Association, the Fiji Nurses Union and the National Union of Workers were arrested yesterday,” SFU said.

“It seems that these leaders have been detained prior to a national day of action on Friday and a union march on Saturday.”

Samoa First Union has called for the Fiji Government to release the detained unionists and allow Fiji workers to undertake their democratic rights to organise and protest.

The trade unionists from Fiji were arrested and questioned by police overnight.


Photo Samoa First Union Facebook 


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