Samoa launches toll-free number for complaints over media platforms

Customers will now be able to lodge complaints about telecommunication, broadcasting, electricity or postal service providers via a toll-free number in Samoa.

The Office of the Regulator announced the new toll-free number for the service.

A statement from the Office of the Regulator said the toll free number 800 6687 (800 OOTR) can be dialed from any telecommunication service provider’s network during office working hours.

The Office's use of the toll-free number is in line with its powers under the following legislation: the Telecommunications Act 2005; the Broadcasting Act 2010; the Electricity Act 2010; and the Postal Act 2010. 

“The Regulator is empowered to regulate the telecommunications, broadcasting, electricity and postal services.”

“The Regulator encourages and appreciates your valuable inputs in order to better improve these services.”

The statement also said the Regulator has approved the toll-free number for the public's use should there be a need to voice any complaints concerning services in terms of quality, tariffs and coverage.