Samoa reviews traffic laws

The growing number of traffic incidents in recent years in Samoa has prompted a review of the country's road rules.

The Samoa Law Reform Commission is inviting public submissions on the Review of the Traffic Laws of Samoa.

RNZ Pacific reports the Commission has been asked review the current laws and, taking account of Samoa's changing needs and best practice overseas, make recommendations for updates.

The public is invited to comment on a discussion paper available to download from the commission's website or to pick up at its physical office in Apia.

The paper, which was finalised in April this year, says from 2008 to 2018 there were 65 people jailed in Samoa for traffic offences causing serious injury or death.

All of the findings to date build on a preliminary review conducted in 2019 which found Samoa's traffic laws were outdated, disorganised and full of duplication.

Members of the public who want to make submissions have until the end of June this year.


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