Samoa to send about 600 seasonal workers to Australia

About 600 workers from Samoa are expected to be deployed to Australia with the resumption of the Pacific Labour Scheme and Seasonal Worker Programme.

The programme is expected to recommence from mid-April to May 2021.

The workers will be the first cohorts to travel to Australia from Samoa since April 2020 in the wake of Covid-19, resulting in international travel restrictions and border closures.

A statement said the first few flights to Australia will include both new and returning workers, including those who planned to travel in the beginning of 2020 but their travel had been cancelled due to the border closures.

In preparation for departure, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour has been conducting comprehensive Pre-Departure Briefings (PDBs) for all workers to ensure that they are provided with essential and helpful information that they need when they arrive in Australia.

The briefings are designed to prepare workers for their living and working in Australia so they know what to expect and can make the most of their experience while in Australia.

The training will give them a solid understanding of their rights and responsibilities as an employee, including the visa conditions that they have to meet to stay in Australia.

The workers were also made aware of health and safety measures in relation to Covid-19.

In addition to the PDBs, Minister for the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour, Afioga Lautafi Fio Selafi Purcell addressed more than 160 workers and their families Friday.

Afioga relayed a strong message to the workers that they are ambassadors of the country, where they need to show respect, behave themselves and perform well for their selected employers.



Photo supplied Govt Media