Samoa union members await govt Covid-19 package

A spokesperson for Samoa First Union says members are awaiting details of a government Covid-19 package for the beleaguered tourism industry.

Saina Tomi said this is due today.

Ms Tomi said despite the devastation to tourism caused by the coronavirus and measles crises, people are resilient and able to fall back on traditional practices for support.

She said she doesn't know of any Samoan who does not have access to family plantations for food or the ocean for fish. 

Ms Tomi said the country has the essentials to get by and is grateful for the early closing of the border.

"Some people in isolation for those last flights that arrived last Wednesday, so they are isolating for 14 days, but hopefully after that our islands will be alright while the whole world is facing these difficult times because of this disease."

Saina Tomi said Samoa First Union has been working with government to ensure the health and well-being of its members.

She said advice on extending the current State of Emergency is due today.