Samoan language week recognised internationally

The Samoan language week has undeniably been a spirit booster for majority of Samoans around the world especially in New Zealand.

The Samoan language week or the Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa is a celebration of Aotearoa's third most spoken language which should and must keep everyone encouraged and inspired to learn more about the Samoan community.

Samoans in New Zealand performed different Samoan activities such as singing and dancing in the Samoan language and movements and more.

But it has not been limited to the New Zealand communities.

Even Samoans residing in other countries had been proudly posting messages in the Samoan language on social media and other platforms such as TikTok App.

An Italian female, Enrica Gable posted on Facebook and TikTok a simple greeting message in the Samoan language which Samoan viewers found amazing and rewarding for the Samoan language.

A group from the Royal New Zealand Navy Band and trainees from the Basic Common Training Course 21/1 took a very special Samoan song to social media in celebration of the Samoan language.

They sang a song called ‘E Paia’ which grasped the attention of over two thousand viewers of social media.

They relayed a simple message in Samoan language, ‘Poupou le lotoifale. Ola manuia le anofale’ or strengthen the posts of your house, for all to thrive.

Samoan Language Week was celebrated last week.


Talaia Mika