Samoa's Covid-19 cases declared historical

Samoa's two positive test results of Covid-19, have been declared as historical cases and non-infectious.

A 23 year old sailor who had been working in Italy and a 70 year old man who had travelled from Australia had both produced mixed tests, including a positive result for the coronavirus.

They were on the same flight two weeks ago and both had contracted the virus in the countries they were in.

The sailor had been sick with the coronavirus in May and the older gentleman had it in August.

Blood samples for the two were sent to New Zealand last Friday and the results according to Samoa's Director General of Health, Leausa Dr Take Naseri, indicated the virus detected in their bodies were at the low end of the viral count, so they were non-infectious.

Leausa said for such cases in other countries, the people would be released to go home and self isolate, however they will keep the two individuals, and the rest of the 274 passengers that were on the same flight, in quarantine for an additional seven days.

Leausa said all front-line workers at the airport, including health staff, police and airport staff had been tested and cleared of the coronavirus.

There are no other confirmed cases in Samoa.

The government has reminded the public to follow advice for the current yellow alert level such as wearing masks, social distancing and practising good hygiene.